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ARTS in Ely

About This Project

This Arts Directory was created with self-sufficiency in mind: ensuring that artists can manage their own listings/profiles once they are accepted to be part of the directory.Security is an important factor and we used protective measures to ensure that bots cannot easily gain access to our artists’ publicly listed information. We include many options for artists to list their contact information (email, address, Facebook, Etsy, Instagram, etc). We also integrated a filter for categories and subcategories that is elegant and mobile friendly. It allows our artists complete freedom in listing whatever subcategories of art that they are involved in. This system was built on a stable foundation with room for expansion and we look forward to seeing how its attention to detail in meeting our own needs might go forward and help other arts communities flourish.The directory was also created with accessibility in-mind. We understand that there are plenty of artists in rural communities that are not comfortable using technology, but who want to be included in the directory: we created a full-profile creation application that allows our moderators to easily create a listing on that individual’s behalf.

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